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The Best Sites to Download PS 1 Songs in 2023: Enjoy the Classics Again

For the film, Rahman researched extensively for the period setting and soundscape, taking nearly six months for initial works on the music.[2] The soundtrack was curated and conceptualised for nearly three years, since mid-2019 to early-2022, where all the songs were recorded at the Panchathan Record Inn and AM Studios in Chennai, and also recorded at the Firdaus Studio in Dubai, inaugurated by Rahman, during Expo 2020.[3] The soundtrack is the first of the two-part series composed for the duology, which has six songs for each film. It also marked Rahman's first soundtrack for a Mani Ratnam film not to feature lyrics written by Vairamuthu. Instead the soundtrack for the Tamil version, featured lyrics written by Ilango Krishnan, Kabilan, Siva Ananth and Krithika Nelson, while Mehboob Kotwal, Ananta Sriram, Rafeeq Ahamed and Jayanth Kaikini are credited as the songwriters for the Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada versions, respectively.[4]

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The soundtrack featured music composed by Ratnam's norm collaborator, A. R. Rahman. He called Ponniyin Selvan as one of the most difficult projects, since it is an epic film, and required an exhaustive research.[2] It took him six months to work on the project, and he and Mani Ratnam also went to Bali and Cambodia for writing some of the songs,[2] However, Rahman had stated the challenging part on scoring the film is that, Ratnam wanted a particular sound, "which is unique but at the same time relatable", adding that he worked hard to get that sound.[2] Rahman researched on periodic instruments for the songs in tune to the film's setting in Chola period.[10] During their music session in Bali and Cambodia, he incorporated those instruments from the region and used it in the soundtrack. In a September 2019 interaction with the press, Ratnam revealed that the film will have 12 songs (featuring in two-parts).[11]

In December 2019, singer Harini confirmed in an interview that she has rendered her voice for one of the songs in the film.[12] Shreya Ghoshal further recorded one song for the film. Apart from composition, Rahman also sang the track "Ponni Nadhi" for the film.[10] In a January 2021 interview to Naman Ramachandran of Variety, Rahman said that the entire composition was completed during the COVID-19 lockdown in India. In December, Rahman shared a glimpse from the recording session of the film's songs, through social media platforms.[13][14] The recording of the songs were completed by early-January 2022, and had submitted the final versions to Ratnam, who was impressed with the songs.[15]

Ilango Krishnan, Kabilan, Siva Ananth and Krithika Nelson reported to write the songs for the Ponniyin Selvan: I soundtrack. For the dubbed versions, Mehboob Kotwal, Ananta Sriram, Rafeeq Ahamed and Jayanth Kaikini wrote the song lyrics in Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada languages. Initially, Vairamuthu was reported to write all of the songs for the film, continuing the three-decade long collaboration with Ratnam and Rahman. His involvement received criticism from the female peers in the industry, particularly that of singer Chinmayi, who accused him on the grounds of sexual misconduct, led him to be excluded from the project in mid-December 2019.[21][22] Rahman did not comment about Vairamuthu's exit, as the officials of Madras Talkies made the decision,[23] while also adding that two of the songs were written by Kabilan.[23] Several lyricists were reported to be part of the film, including Venba Geethaiyan, who was about to contribute to the songs, but was not officially roped in.[24] In August 2021, the production executives officially revealed that poet Ilango Krishnan, will write lyrics for the film's songs.[4] He was reported to contribute for eight songs in the two-part franchise.[25][26]

The song "Ponni Nadhi" was written within a month, while other songs in the album were written within two hours. It was the fourth song at the time, Krishnan had submitted it, who was not aware on being the introductory song for Vandiyadevan.[28] While writing the track, he used the classical Tamil verses for few of the lines, including the first line from the song describes on "how Kallanai is an attire for Cauvery river that was built by Karikala Cholan 2,000 years ago".[28] Krishnan revealed that, the significance of the track, is that, it is one of the few songs in Tamil, in the past few years, that did not borrow words from other languages. But, he predominantly "stuck to words with common usages".[28]

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The film's music launch event was held on 6 September 2022 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium, Chennai.[44][45] The event saw the attendance of the film's cast and crew, and graced by Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan as the chief guests.[46] It was preceded by a live performance featuring Rahman's musical ensemble, who performed the film's songs and also other chartbusters from films such as Roja (1992), Bombay (1995), Alai Payuthey (2000), Guru (2007) and several other films, as a tribute to 30 years of Rahman's debut in the film music industry and his collaboration with Ratnam.[47] The event was not streamed live, but was later telecasted on Sun TV on 25 September.[47]

Moviecrow also gave three-and-a-half stars and said "Rahman's soundtrack for the epic Ponniyin Selvan stays true to the story's situations and matches the grandeur needed while the composer's brilliance is also evident in the melodies."[51] Critic Siddharth Srinivas called the album as "a work of genius from AR Rahman, who skilfully puts in a variant and efficient set of songs that work superbly. This is another strong example of his amazing combinations with Mani Ratnam, and it works so well that one cannot stop going back to it."[52] Vipin Nair of Music Aloud stated "Ponniyin Selvan features the best songs that A. R. Rahman has produced for Mani Ratnam in a while".[53] Reviewing the track "Ponni Nadhi", critic based at Pinkvilla praised the composition, instrumentation and Rahman's vocals, stating "The music looks top-notch while Sivamani's thumping beats give us many reasons to be hooked to the magical track. The detailing of the flute in the song by Kamalakar and the violin by Vignesh give a refreshing and mesmerising take to the song altogether.[54] The Indian Express called the song as "rousing and energetic". On reviewing "Chola Chola", a critic from Outlook, praised the use of "global sounds" such as the South Indian folk instruments, percussions and the orchestra (Chennai Strings Orchestra, Sunshine Orchestra and Budapest Scoring Orchestra) making it an "audio-visual treat".[55]

The Ponniyin Selvan album is a work of genius from AR Rahman, who skilfully puts in a variant and efficient set of songs that work superbly. This is another strong example of his amazing combinations with Mani Ratnam, and it works so well that one cannot stop going back to it. Ponniyin Selvan (PS1) Songs Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Another cute little fella who will have played a big part in people's early PlayStation experience, Parappa the Rapper was how we all learned how to rap when we were like 10, right? The hip-hop focused, lyric led soundtrack featured six stages that became increasingly difficult to complete. Above you can actually watch a complete play-through with all the songs included. How the fuck whoever's playing managed to get perfect on every level we don't know. Getting stuck on stage one was a regular occurrence. Wasn't it?

Throughout READ_DT.BIN are graphical files for seven songs that do not appear at all in normal gameplay. Most of them also feature steps, which were converted to a readable format in the downloads below.Note that, save for the songs' backgrounds, the files are compressed under Bemani-LZ, and that the listed offsets apply to each file's first instance.

SCEA has announced an update to the Playstation Store that will include Playstation titles for download that are playable on either the PS3 or the PSP. The first titles available will be 2Xtreme, Crash Bandicoot, Destruction Derby, Jet Moto, Jumping Flash (hooray for giant mechanical rabbits!) , MediEvil, Rally Cross, Syphon Filter, Tekken 2 and WipeOut.

Today you don't need an actual console to play the games because you can simply download PS1 ROMs. You need an emulator, which can be downloaded here. The best ones are Retroarch, Pcsx, VGS XP and several others. Once you have downloaded the emulator, download PlayStation 1 ISOs or ROMs such as Driver, Resident Evil, Pepsiman, and many others. Load the game and start playing. All you need is a computer with basic specifications and a controller if you want to maximize the gaming experience.

Research has shown that during the preschool years, activities that are play based such as singing songs, doing creative art and playing games are far more beneficial than pushing academics such as worksheets and rote learning.

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