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Skalp For Sketchup 2016 11

What version of SketchUp do you use. Since version 2016 LO can snap to the sectioncut in LO by default. For previous version Skalp can help you because it generates faces on the section plane. These faces are snappable in LO.

Skalp For Sketchup 2016 11

Do you get any errors? What OS? For support please contact support@skalp4sketchup.comWe just released (some moments ago) a new update. Please try this new update to see if this solves your problem.We are working on an updated manual and website.

Disclaimer: By purchasing this product you acknowledge the following: You will need to accept any further disclaimers shipped with the product before use. Product is provided to you only as a digital download, no box or cd will be shipped. Ordering this product entitles you to all 1.x updates. You are buying a permanent license. Please contact us at before purchasing if you need further information regarding these conditions.


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