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Saints Row 3 Hot Female Character Formulas

although the women in saints row the third are sexy and represent an interesting take on the femme fatale stereotype, theyre placed poorly in the story. theyre mostly common criminals caught by the saints row police department.

Saints Row 3 Hot Female Character Formulas


not only does saints row now have his very own location on the saints row website, but he has also made an appearance in saints row the third along with saints row 2. he even appears in the saints row: the third trailer as one of the founders of the saints row universe, like you would expect. clearly his presence would be best demonstrated by the actions of the supercomputer. i kid you not, for some reason the supercomputer has a crush on the third and has taken him up on his offer of a sex position. theres many ways you can interpret this. its possible that it is a collective attempt to reposition everyone as a bunch of misfits, but its far more likely that the developers just couldnt resist this perfect opportunity to have a bit of a laugh. still, it is likely to annoy some people.

my own interpretation is that the developers are trying to acknowledge the existence of female gamers and not be completely dismissive of them by using a male character as a stand-in. although, the modern-day setting does make it easy to point a finger at the lead character as being representative of the entire series, and if we look for differences between him and the other characters, then we can ignore the fact he is supposed to be the main protagonist. our hero chooses not to wear pants. he is apparently one of the strongest characters. he loves mountain biking. he has a black tooth. theres a whole host of things that are off-kilter about him. its interesting to me that the biggest off-kilter factor is not his gender. he is clearly a similar character to the other members of the main cast (except for johnny gat) but he doesnt seem to fit in with them.


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