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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Complete Pack

"Bored, She Hung Herself", the 16th episode of the second season, depicted a Five-O investigation into the apparent suicide of a woman by hanging, which she was supposedly practicing as part of a health regimen.[23] A viewer reportedly died trying the same technique, and as a result, the episode was not rebroadcast, was never included in any syndication packages, and has not been included on any DVD release of the show to date.[24][25] The family of the person who died in the real-life hanging sued CBS over the episode.[26]

Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Complete Pack

The advent of DVDs in the mid-1990s made it convenient and economical for fans to own complete seasons of their favorite TV series, rather than having to collect dozens of videocassettes each holding one or two episodes each. Savvy consumers quickly learned, however, that offerings of "complete" seasons or series were not always truthful -- sometimes "full-season" or "complete series" DVD sets lacked an episode or two, for reasons such as copyright issues, controversial or inappropriate subject matter, or other legal entanglements.

One example of this phenomenon was the second-season DVD set of "Hawaii Five-0," the popular police drama starring Jack Lord that originally aired on CBS from 1968 to 1980. Neither that set (nor, later, the "Hawaii Five-0: The Complete Series" DVD set) included one particular episode from the series' second season, titled "Bored She Hung Herself." In fact, that episode hasn't been seen by the public (outside of bootleg copies) since its original broadcast on Jan. 7, 1970 -- it was not re-run by the network after its first airing, it has never been included in the syndication packages sold to local stations or cable channels, nor has it been made available to viewers via home video or streaming. (Some mid-1990s television listings do show the episode as being scheduled in syndication, but whether it was actually aired then can't be determined at this remove.)

The complete series of Hawaii Five-0 comes to DVD with 240 episodes over 60 discs (plus an extra for special features), which offers a fair amount of room to avoid compression issues. Due to the limitations of the format, these episodes are not going to look as good as they do in high definition, but the presentation is strong within the DVD format. Even without the added definition, this is still a sleek show with fine details visible. The presentation gets stronger and clearer as the seasons progress. Skin tones look natural, and close ups look quite good. Black levels are a little more problematic here, as nighttime scenes lose some of the outlines of objects within the shot. Colors are rendered favorably, and there is a whisper of texture in the clothing. This is the type of show that would look exceptional with a Blu-Ray release since the cinematography of the show is simply stunning, but the DVDs get the job done well enough.

The television series Hawaii Five-O is in its second iteration and is a strong running police procedural based on the Hawaiian Islands. The original series first aired in 1968 and completed twelve seasons, making it the longest running series of its type at the time. The reboot of the show began airing in 2010 and episodes have been ordered through the 2016 season. At various times, Chin Ho has ridden a motorcycle of unusual provenance, causing many watchers to ask what is the motorcycle from Hawaii Five-O? It is a Lito SORA Electric Superbike. 041b061a72


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